A Message from our Senior Pastor - 7-9-2020
Dear First Rowlett Church Family-  

It is a joy to see the ways that our church has continued to thrive during this time when we cannot be together physically. The love of Christ serves as a foundation for our ministries and we know that lives are transformed because of the ways that this love is shared through our congregation. This has continued to be true even in this season.


I want to provide you with an update on our plans for resuming in-person ministry. With the rise in local coronavirus cases and the changes in protocols by state officials and CDC guidelines, our Task Force has been in conversation with leaders and staff in our congregation to determine the best path forward. Within our congregation I know that we have a wide range of opinions when it comes to one's readiness to resume activities. One thing we all agree on is that we are anxious to be on the other side of this so that we can be together in worship and fellowship. But I know we all fall in different places on the spectrum when it comes to our comfort level with resuming in-person activities. As a church we are looking at the importance of minimizing risk as we create an environment that is both safe and welcoming. We seek to enact John Wesley’s first General Rule to “Do no harm” in all that we do.


A majority of our leaders agree that we should continue to delay the start date for in-person worship, feeling that it would not be prudent to resume worship on our campus until we see some stabilization in numbers. Therefore, we will not return to in-person worship in July, and we will continue to monitor the situation as we try to determine a time when we can safely resume.


We are continuing to evaluate ways that we can stay connected and one important way this happens is through our small groups. Many Life Groups have indicated that they wish to continue to meet virtually, but a few have expressed an interest in meeting in person. Dretha will be in touch with our various group leaders to discuss protocols and determine the best way forward.


Although we are growing weary of our changing environment during this pandemic, I am also reminded of the ways that this season has given us a chance to share the love of Christ in new ways. 2020 can be remembered as the year that everything changed, or it can be remembered as the year that we came together to be the hands and feet of Christ in new ways. Join me in praying that our hearts can be opened to recognize the places of need that surround us, and that Christ would lead us in ways to respond. I am blessed to be in ministry with all of you.


Grace and Peace,



Rev. Pam White, Senior Pastor


Pastoral Update 6-25-2020


Latest Update from our Pastor - April 2020

We continue to navigate the challenges of this time as we find creative ways to be the church together. We are all longing for the time when we can be together with in-person worship and ministry, and we are looking ahead to evaluate what it might look like to resume in-person services, hopefully in the near future. For now, we know that we will continue to worship online at least through May 31.


Our decision-making process includes guidelines from the CDC, the State of Texas, local authorities, and the North Texas Conference of the United Methodist Church. Bishop McKee has requested all churches in our conference to remain online through May. Click HERE to read the letter from Bishop McKee. There is much to consider and many factors involved in re-opening our facility. The leaders and staff of First Rowlett are considering what needs to be addressed in our context in order to ensure that we minimize risk and provide a safe environment for our congregation. We will keep you posted as more decisions are made.


Video Update from our Senior Pastor

March 14, 2020



An Update from our Senior Pastor 3/12/2020   

Because of the rapidly changing situation with community health precautions related to the coronavirus, First Rowlett UMC will be canceling worship services for at least the next two Sundays, March 15 and March 22. Bishop Mike McKee has been in touch with Dallas County leaders and has discerned that this is the best route forward for our United Methodist Churches in our district. In addition, I am in contact with Mayor Tammy Dana-Bashian, City Manager Brian Funderburk, and other City of Rowlett officials to stay updated on the local impact of the Declaration of Local Disaster for Public Health Emergency by County Judge Clay Jenkins.


All other church-related activities including small group gatherings and committee meetings will be cancelled during this time as well. Wesleyan Christian Academy will be extending spring break for an additional week to be closed at least through March 20th. We will continue to monitor the situation and will evaluate the need to extend closures and cancellations if indicated. We will keep our website current with additional updates as we have more information.   


I echo the sentiments I shared in my letter yesterday. I appreciate your willingness to support these measures and to consider the needs of others as you also take care of yourself. At times like this when anxieties are running high for health concerns, economic worries and other unknown impacts of this virus, I know our faith is an important anchor. It is a blessing to be in ministry with all of you. Please know that Dretha and I are available for you if we can be of help. 


Grace and Peace,

Pastor Pam   


An Update from our Senior Pastor 3/11/2020   

First Rowlett Family and Friends-

The health and well-being of our congregation is important, and we know that the recent concerns related to the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) will impact our worshiping community and our Wesleyan Christian Academy. Rest assured that we are monitoring the situation and plan to make adjustments as needed. We will continue to be in conversation with city officials and our Conference leadership to consider any changes that we need to make.

This week had been GISD spring break, which means that WCA has been closed. We have used this as a time to deep clean and sanitize the children’s classrooms and our restroom facilities. Our WCA Director, Liz Harper, will continue to keep parents informed and updated on any decisions that will impact our WCA families.

In worship, we have already made some changes and we will make additional adjustments beginning this Sunday.
  • We will temporarily suspend the sharing of communion during our worship services.
  • We will not be passing the registration books.
  • Instead, we invite members to send an email to info@firstrowlett.org with your name and the names of others in your family who are in attendance at church so that we can continue to keep our church database up to date. 
  • We will have forms available at the Welcome Desk and at our Worship Center exits so that guests can register their attendance and request more information.
  • Prayer requests may be emailed to info@firstrowlett.org or be sent to either of our pastors.
  •  We are making changes in our offering time. Instead of passing the offering plate from individual to individual, the usher will pass by the rows, making the offering plates available. This will decrease the number of hands that retouch the plates. 
  • We will have hand sanitizer at the Worship Center exits and at the Welcome Desk in the Narthex.
  • We are attempting to limit direct contact with each other through our worship routines. During our greeting time, we encourage you to smile, wave, or bump elbows. We will not ask you to hold hands during our closing benediction. And our pastors always look forward to greeting you before and after worship. This will continue, but as a precaution, they will not be shaking hands.

The CDC guidelines provide a good framework for keeping us healthy and containing the spread of any kind of germs. If you are feeling ill, we encourage you to stay home and take care of yourself. You can access recordings of our weekly sermons online. We are exploring other online options to ensure that those who are unable to attend worship services can still participate together through our online community.

We are not currently making additional cancelations of small group gatherings, but we encourage you to use appropriate precautions for your personal health situation. We are looking at our other events outside of worship to see what additional adjustments may be necessary. For example, Dretha will be in touch with LifeGroup leaders about any procedural changes that need to happen with the LifeGroup folders. It is our goal to enact the best preventative measures possible in our worship and gatherings together while still fostering a sense of community. Please visit our website to stay up-to-date on any additional changes.

I appreciate your willingness to support these measures and to consider the needs of others as you also take care of yourself. At times like this when anxieties are running high for health concerns, economic worries and other unknown impacts of this virus, I know our faith is an important anchor. It is a blessing to be in ministry with all of you. Please know that Dretha and I are available for you if we can be of help.

Pastor Pam


Additional Updates - March 2020

We are canceling all community meals until further notice. 

We will not have breakfast on Sunday morning, or dinner on Sunday and Wednesday evenings.