Sherry Burris

Director of Children's Spiritual Formation

Sherry’s passion for children and Jesus is evident in her life. She was the Assistant Director of Children’s Ministry at Faith UMC and was the Director of Children’s Ministry at Prosper UMC. She left Prosper to enter law school and is in her final semester now. Her goal is to become a prosecutor in cases involving child abuse, again her passion for children showing.


Sherry has built bonds with First Rowlett’s kids by serving as a childcare worker, volunteering for several years as a counselor at Bridgeport Camp, and by teaching Little Life Groups. Sherry arrived in the United States as a small child with her family who were refugees from a war-torn Bosnia. She has a heart for children around the world. Sherry loves First Rowlett and found her faith in Jesus Christ here in 2011. She will be dedicated to helping children grow in their faith.